Our Team

Christy Davies

Christy Davies, MBA

Chief Executive Officer
Christy achieved her MBA in Healthcare Administration from Regis University and has an undergraduate in Healthcare Finance. She has been an advisor and mentor to many facility administrators across the country as well as sat on many boards including being the President of the Idaho Ambulatory Surgery Center Association (IASCA). She is a sought after speaker and is a regular keynote for the Society of Pain Practice Management group.
During her tenure with the IASCA, Christy was key in forming a coalition with the Idaho Medical Association as well as the Idaho Hospital Association to put together a grassroots lobbying effort in Idaho. This was the first time that these parties had worked together for the greater good of promoting healthy living in Idaho and has been to visit legislators on the state and national level promoting affordable healthcare for everyone.

B. P. Fulmer

Mr. Fulmer brings unique prospectives to the healthcare transaction services market, based on his thirty-five years of combined experience in health care and banking. Mr. Fulmer’s health care transaction services experience includes serving as Managing Partner of Exchange EDI, a healthcare cash flow management firm, President and CEO of Thelma-US, Inc., the US subsidiary of a publicly traded Australian clearinghouse. He served as Executive Director of ACS EDI Gateway, Inc. with responsibility for developing the commercial services unit. ACS EDI Gateway processed over 750 million EDI transactions a year and connected to 61,000 submitters representing over 250,000 providers.
Mr. Fulmer served as Executive Director of Medicaid Fiscal Agent operations for ACS, Inc. and First Health Services, managing the state Medicaid claims processing operations in Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and New Mexico twice. In addition, he has served as President of a medical billing company and CEO of an Internet based practice management software development firm. This experience gives Mr. Fulmer both market and technology insights from the payer and provider prospective of health care including the complexities of health care administrative transactions.
Mr. Fulmer has been published in numerous periodicals and served as the President of the Medical Banking Institute, member of Cooperative Exchange executive committee, Chairman of the HIE Market Council, named Medical Banking Project “Person of the Year” in 2007 and currently a member of the HIMSS Medical Banking and Financial Systems Steering Committee and two subcommittees.
Mr. Fulmer’s financial services experience includes serving as a bank examiner, check transit operations management, correspondent banking, investment management, commercial banking, electronic funds transfer plus cash and treasury management services operations at two regional banks. He was named the Cash Management Institute “Man of the Year” in 1983.
Deborah Smith

Deborah Smith, PhD.

Senior Executive, with proven success, comprehensive background in hospitals, physician practices and health systems, facilitating improved operations in healthcare. Measurable impact on bottom line margins through reduced expenses, increased volumes, market growth and revenue, while improving relationships, clinical quality, safety, customer satisfaction and improved capacity. A passion for resilient physician relationships. The ability to inspire communications, facilitation of constructive interactions, and knowledge transfer. Strong clinical and operational leadership background locally, statewide and nationally. Experienced teacher, public speaking, coach, mentor to staff, physicians, senior leaders and board members. Considered to be professional and dedicated leader.

Our Investors
The Revenue Advisors is backed by a family of Angel Investors from Idaho. Our investors remain dedicated to building the company to its full potential providing automation and technology solutions to the healthcare industry across the nation. Involved in owning and operating their own businesses, our investors maintain a seat at the board and have insight to all business activities.

"As a financial Director, I have worked with many different collection agencies and practice management solutions. When Christy Davies, Healthcare Division Consultant of The Revenue Advisors presented in our office, I knew that this was different. As budgets tighten, cost containment is very important. The solution The Revenue Advisors offers, not only assists us in containing costs, it essentially costs less to bring more revenue into our facility. Within the first 30 days of using the collection system, it paid for the services for an entire year. It became very clear to the finance team here at North Canyon Medical Center that the more we use The Revenue Advisors, the less it costs us."


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