Accelerated Collections ~ Automated Services

Revenue Cycle Management

Put The Revenue Advisors solutions to work for your practice and accelerate collection of delinquent accounts easily and affordably. Personalized phone calls and first party letters prompt quick payments from your patients.

Referral Process & Marketing

The Revenue Advisors has a wealth of knowledge in marketing and will work with your team to ensure goals are set while remaining budget friendly.

Payment Posting & Reconciliation

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Eligibility is the DNA of All Healthcare Transactions

Registration Eligibility & Pre-Certification

Real time eligibility can be performed via an interface to the provider’s practice management system. This allows the user to enter data according to the payers specific search criteria and within seconds receive a real time response to the eligibility request that is displayed in an easy to read format. The response will display all the data that is returned from the payer or it can be parsed to show only the eligibility information for a particular specialty.
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Smart Doctor Essentials

Needing a Dashboard that makes sense? Wanting to know how your practice is performing? Wish you knew which procedures were the most profitable?<br /> Accounts Receivable Analysis<br /> Overhead Comparison Report<br /> Procedure Profitability Report<br /> Payer Analysis
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